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Mobile Platforms

Single user experience, multiple mobile platforms.Robot Fruit's mobile apps currently run on iPhone and Android phones.Both platforms provide full feature sets and similar user experiences.

iTunes submission process
Our apps are automatically submitted to the iTunes AppStore on your behalf and are usually approved by Apple in 7-10 working days after submission. Please note that approval of your app will be subject to Apple's existing requirements for content. (see here)

Google play
Your Robot Fruit Android app will generally be published to google play within one business day after your submission. Apps are visible on Google Play almost instantly upon publish.

Other platforms
We are working hard on an iPad-enabled version of our mobile app platform. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on other mobile platforms that you think we should deploy on, please let us know.

RFU features tutorials on:

  • How to create and customize your app
  • How to use and manage your app and it's features through the CMS
  • How to utilize R3 our referral, rewards, and reporting system
  • How to get customers to download your app to build an engaged user base
  • How to optimize your app's potential as a powerful marketing tool
  • How to run mobile campaigns


R-Cubed is Robot Fruit's app integrated Referral, Rewards, & Reporting System. When your mobile users refer friends and family to your business and mobile platform they can earn rewards points towards discounts and giveaways that you decided on.

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