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What is Robot Fruit?
Robot Fruit is a business accelerator that offers an intuitive mobile platform, and a uniquely integrated referral, rewards, and reporting system that will help grow your business.Robot Fruit was started with the idea to offer the private business owner a mobile platform which will level the marketing playing field and give the small business owner a multi-level opportunity previously only available to their corporate competitors.

Who can use Robot Fruit?
Anyone! Any person or business owner can create an app using the Robot Fruit platform.

What's an iPhone and Android Application?
An iPhone application or "app" is a computer program that runs on the Apple iPhone. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there. Apps can be powerful marketing tools, and the Robot Fruit platform helps you take full advantage of them.
An Android application or "app" is almost the same as an iPhone app, but it's built to run on Android based phones and has a different market store.

What are the main features of Robot Fruit?
  • R3 is our unique referral, rewards, and reporting system. R3 takes your advertising and marketing efforts to the next level. It rewards customer loyalty, and helps track key insights on our customers and their activity.
  • Robot Fruit University (RFU) is our virtual tutorial university that is designed to help educate and empower you to optimize your mobile app and marketing efforts.
  • It's simple. You can build your brand's mobile presence in minutes, and end up with a professionally customized app.
  • It's effective. You can engage and market to your customers instantly, anytime, anywhere with push notifications, text messages, emails, and more.
  • It's proactive. You will incentivize your customers to visit more, spend more, and share your app by giving them customer loyalty points which are redeemable towards rewards.
  • Our mobile app packages are affordable.
  • You will be able to impress your customers, market your business, make a mobile presence and see measurable results.
  • Easily controlled user interface.
  • Helps keep customers informed with your business. You can update them about news, promotions, and more instantly.
  • Builds brand loyalty and motivates your customers to become frequent buyers and repeat visitors to your establishment.
  • Allows your customers to contact your business quickly and easily.

How can a mobile application help your business?
Smartphones have taken the world by storm. More people are using their mobile devices over their home PCs or laptops more than ever before. Customers prefer a mobile friendly website or app; it's much easier to navigate a business's website this way, which helps inform their decisions on where to bring their patronage. A Robot Fruit powered mobile app can help build your brand's awareness and keep you at the forefront of the mobile media revolution!

How do I register as an Apple Developer?
The process is simple. Follow this link http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios and if you need help this guide can help you along

How do I utilize my Deals, Rewards, and Events to their fullest potential?
See our Scenario Utilization Tutorial click here

How do I customize my app?
See our App Customization Tutorial click here

How do I leverage the benefits of social media?
Leveraging the benefits of social media

How do I utilize the Content Management System?
Content Management System

What is Robot Fruit University and how can it help me?
RobotFruit University is designed to educate and empower you to optimize your mobile app and mobile marketing efforts to ensure measurable results. View our Robot Fruit University video to see how you can optimize your mobile presence.

How should I engage User Base and Increase Downloads?
View our Engage User Base and Increase Downloads Tutorial on how to get the word out. click here

How to Install any widget in the appmaker?
See our How to Install any widget video here.

How can I change Background images?
see our How to change background images video here.

How can I upload custom widget icons?
see our How to upload custom widget icons video here.

How do I manage my R-cubed content and basic settings through the Dashboard?
See our dashboard tutorial click here
You can also view this R-cubed video to understand your Dashboard's functionality.

What are the main features of R3 dashboard?
  • Using the R3 dashboard you can view key statistics on your App users, App downloads and User Activity.
  • R3 dashboard provides you with key statistics on Direct and Indirect referrals.
  • you can create and manage your coupons, promotions and rewards directly from the dashboard.
  • You can create new events, import calendars, view your calendar and reservations.
  • Using the messages tab you can send out push notifications, Email and text messages blasts to your user base.
  • You can create or edit point settings for Coupons, promotions, checkins and RSVP's in Point settings tab of the dashboard.
  • You can update your app settings, change package, update billing info and change password in the settings tab.

What key statistics can I see in the user activity tab of my Dashboard?
You can view the following statistics in the user activity tab of your dashboard. Filter your list according to the activity type that you would like to analyze.
  • Signups
  • App Download
  • Claim Reward
  • Reward Redemption
  • Claim Deal
  • Deal Redemtion
  • Direct Referral
  • Indirect Referral
  • Checkin
  • RSVP's
  • Wall Posts

How can I send push notifications, email blasts and text messages to my user base?
You can access the R3 dashboard through your account and go to messages. In messages you can select the type of blast that you would like to send out to your users. You have three options - Push notifications, Emails and Text messages.Select the type of blast and click on Save and Continue. It will take you to your users page. You can select individual users or select all and send blast to all your users. After selecting your users click on Save and Continue. You will then come to a compose message page where you can type the message that you would like to send out. After composing your message click on Save and Continue. Finally you will come to the schedule page where you have the option to either send your blast immediately or schedule it for a later date and time. Click on Save and Continue after choosing one of the options.Review all the information and then click on Schedule and Send to complete the process.

How can I redeem a QR code for my customer?
You can redeem a QR code using the Dashboard or the R-cubed Merchant app that you can download from the Apple store or Google Play. Enter your user's QR Code in the dashboard and click submit. It will show you the details of the coupon that you would like to redeem. Complete the redemption process by clicking on Complete Redemption.

What is the R-Cubed Merchant app?
The R-Cubed merchant app is your control center that allows business owners to manage the functionality of their R3 services. With the R3 app you can view user activity, scan QR codes, manage coupons, promotions and rewards, and send push notifications directly to your customers from the app.

What is a Welcome Reward?
A welcome reward is an incentive that you provide your users for downloading your app. A user can only claim a Welcome Reward when they download your app and sign up for your business.

What is a Referral Reward?
You can reward users that refer your business to their friends and family. A user can only claim a Referral reward when they refer a person to you business and that referral leads to a new user signup.

What is a Checkin Reward?
A user can checkin to your establishment once every 24 hours. Reward your users with a checkin reward when they checkin to your establishment 10 times.

How can I upgrade my package?
You can upgrade your package in your R3 Dashboard in the settings tab.

How can I downgrade my package?
You can downgrade your package by contacting sales at sales@robotfruit.com

What is the difference between the Basic and Advanced package?
Basic do it yourself package shows a mobile optimized website for any smartphone browser which can only be viewed with internet access however Advanced do it yourself package includes native App which can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play. This will allow users to view your app without internet access. You also have the ability to send push notifications, email blasts and Text messages to your user base.

What are the features of Let the Pros do it Package?
  • Custom visuals
  • Custom widget integration and functionality
  • Two rounds of revisions
  • Customer Support
  • Upload to the Apple Store and Google Play market place
  • 60 Days Free R-Cubed (Our Referral, Rewards & Reporting System)

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